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MMN Mixing & Mastering Service
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Moomin Mastering 


Welcome to MMN Online Mixing & Mastering Service in Berlin. We are specialized in Audio Mastering, Stem Mastering, Mixing and Podcast Editing.

We work with selected high end analog equipment, from brands like ApiElysia, Bettermaker, Crane Song, Tubetech and KII Three Studio Monitors in an acoustically treated room.

This way you can be sure that your music will be in good hands and will reach the highest standards.

Lets create great sounding audio that translates the character and emotional impact of your music to listeners.





Mastering is the final stage in audio post production during which we make a song ready for release. In other words, this process ensures that the master will translate well to most playback systems.

These include for example vinyl, smartphones, home stereos, audiophile setups and club PA systems.


Besides expertise and proper tools, another key to commercial grade masters is pristine monitoring. Therefore it is important to hire a professional to master your music who hears every nuance and knows exactly what to do, and more importantly, what not to do.

Stem Mastering

In addition to the online mastering service for stereo material, we also offer stem mastering. During this process we work with grouped stereo tracks.

For example you can send your kick, bass, drum, guitar and vocal groups as separate audio files. This would allow more control during the process and could give better results.

However, it is important to note that this doesn't replace mixing.

One can only improve a poor mix to a certain extent with this method, but not to perfection. If your mix needs improvement, check out my online mixing service. 



Mixing involves a series of tasks to blend individual tracks together in order to make a song sound coherent. It is a creative process which requires a lot of experience, state-of-the-art tools and both a professional and artistic approach.


The most common tasks during mixing are: 

• Setting the level of individual track 

• Crafting the stereo sound stage

• Applying EQ and compression

• Effects processing

• Creating fades

• Noise reduction

Podcast Production

We edit, mix and master your podcast.

The most common tasks are: 

• cutting out long pauses

• Noise reduction

• Setting the level of individual track 

• Crafting the stereo sound stage

• Applying EQ and compression

• optimize to digital streaming specifications

SMastering Gear 2 MMN.jpg


Price includes 24bit / 16bit 44.1kHz WAV files (suitable for digital distribution, streaming and CD production) and 32bit 96kHz WAV files (suitable for Vinyl production) 

We are an accredited mastering house for Mastered for iTunes


ready for streaming and vinyl

per track

EUR 40,- excluding VAT.   Order


ready for mastering

mixdown up to 24 stems

EUR 250,- excluding VAT.   Order


Stem Mastering

ready for streaming and vinyl

up to 6 stems - per track

EUR 65,- excluding VAT.   Order


ready for mastering

mixdown more than 24 stems

EUR 300,- excluding VAT.   Order

Podcast Production

ready for streaming

editing, mixing & mastering 

EUR 100,- excluding VAT.   Order

Orders from Germany or none business from inside the EU are subject to 19% German VAT

SBetterMaker Mastering Equalizer MMN.jpg




•  Kii Three Full Range Speaker

•  Kii Control

•  Audeze LCD 4

•  TC Clarity M


•  Tube Tech Hlt 2A + Mullard Ec83 NOS 

•  BetterMaker Mastering Equalizer

•  Api 5500

•  Elysia XFilter Mastering Edition

•  Cambridge EQ

•  Maat EQs Orange Red Blue

•  DMG EQulibrium​

•  Softube Weiss EQ1

•  TC MD4 HD

Furniture and Acoustics 

•  Wavelab 11 Pro

•  Studio One 6 Pro

Converters & Amps

•  Crane Song Solaris DAC 

•  Lynx Hilo A/D D/A 

•  Prism Sound Lyra 2

•  Ferrum Oor & Hypsos

Dynamic Processing 

•  Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0
•  Bettermaker Mastering Compressor
•  Tone Projects Unisum Compressor

•  DMG Multiplicity 

•  DMG Limitless

•  Softube Weiss DS1-MK3

•  Oeksound Soothe

•  Aom Invisible Limiter G3

•  Eventide Elevate 

Computer Workstation

•  Apple Mac Book Pro M1

•  UAD Satellite Octo 

•  Pro Tools

•  Reaper

•  Izotope RX9

•  Sonoris DDP Creator

Power and Cables

•  IsoTek Eternal Evo3 Le

•  Audioquest MacKenzie XLR 
•  Synergestic Purple Fuse

Furniture and Acoustics 

• Curuxa Customs Desk V3 26RU

• GIK Acoustics

SLynx Hilo MMN.jpg



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