The Story About You (Smallville)

A Minor Thought (Smallville)

Yesterday`s tomorrows (Wolf music)


Heads or Tails (WHITE)

Spare Time (Aim)

SweetSweet (Smallville)
 Sleep Tight (Smallville)

She Said She Wont Be That Long Away (Aim)

A Day And A Night (Closer)

Au Bord De La Mer (Closer)

Time Circle (Closer)

Fuck Reality 02 (FuckReality)

I can't believe I loved Her (Smallville)

Concrete Grounds (Closer) 

EPS with //

w/Oskar Offerman

 Hardmood / Joe MacDaddy (Aim)

NastyNate (Aim)

HandsomeFrank (WHITE)

w/Christopher Rau as Roaming

 Believe In Reflecting (Smallville)

 A Place At Night (Slim Audio)


Secret Elevator (Closer)

w/Julius Steinhoff

Blackest Forest Ever (Closer)

EPS - Compilations//

Love And .. (LAID) 

I Whisper A Prayer (Smallville)

NastyNate (Aim)

HandsomeFrank (WHITE)



Toni Lioni - Higher Ground (FreeRange)

Christopher Rau - For You And For Me (Aim)

Johannes Albert - Muskat Susie (Frank)

Laguna Ladies - Egyptian Bag (Junk Yard)

Acasual - Spring Theory (Closer)

Casino Times - Oddity (Wolf)

Jad&The - Archy Krules (DBTL)

Pedro - Faces Sob O Sol (Wolf)