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What Is Mastering ?

In short mastering audio is the final preparation of a song or a group of songs before they are released to the public. 


Check out the section Mastering for a full description.

What Is Stem Mastering ?

Stem mastering is the process of level balancing and editing multiple consolidated groups of instruments during the mastering process.


It allows the engineer to get much deeper into a mix, and has the possibility to allow for more control over the final master.


Read more about Stem Mastering 


Can You Master For Vinyl?

Yes, I do offer mastering for vinyl. Just be sure to let me know your plan on putting your record on vinyl. 


I do not provide a transfer to lacquer disc for vinyl manufacturing. Your vinyl pressing plants can then go ahead and make the master cut from the mastered files. 


Master cuts are often done by the vinyl pressing plant. 


How Long Will It Take Before My Song(s) Are Finished?

Although this can vary depending on demand, turnaround is usually 3-4 days for singles & up to a week for full albums.

How Should I Prepare My Mix Before Mastering?

When preparing your mix for mastering you’ll want to do a few things.


• First off you want to make sure that each track, and the master bus peak levels are between -3db and -6db.This ensures that there is no clipping. The volume should sound low, we’ll raise it during the mastering process.


• Secondly, you’ll want to remove any processing such as limiters or compressors from the master bus.


• Third you will want to make sure that you submit a high resolution .wav or .aif file. 

How to send files for the online mixing service ?

For the online mixing service to be as successful as possible, it is important to follow the guidelines below:

• Always send unprocessed, dry audio tracks. This means that you shouldn't apply any effects on your tracks after recording.

• If you export virtual instruments which have built in reverb, delay, EQ etc., it's a good practice to send both a dry and a processed version.

• Don't convert your files to another sample rate and bit depth then they were originally recorded at.

• Whenever you export a file from your DAW, use at least 44.1 kHz and 24 bit resolution (32 bit float recommended).


Prior to uploading, please name your files clear and reasonably. So instead of for example "track01, track02, track03", use

file names like "kickdrum, bass, synth lead" etc.

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